Best Electric Food Mill for Applesauce (2021 Detailed Review)

Best Electric Food Mill for Applesauce

A food mill is very handy and much needed when making applesauce. It is used in grinding and pureeing of food items and the food mill works for different options. With a food mill, you get to skip over the time-consuming process of peeling and coring the apples.

Apple sauces are really flavourful and they are also very nutritious. You are sure of fresh applesauce when you make it with your food mill.

Most of us know of the challenges that come when choosing the best of anything. but not to worry, I have done a lot of research and compiled ten of the best food mills for apple sauce.

My recommended electric food mill for applesauce

Best Electric Food Mill for Applesauce

Name of Electric Food MillFeaturesWhere to Buy
Roots & Branches VKP250- Stainless steel screens
- Has a food pusher and a large hooper
- Has a very strong clamp
VBENLEM 110V - Horned typed filter
- Waterproof and noise reduction
- There is effective heat dissipation
Weston Food Strainer- Great for canning and preserving
- Large capacity hooper
- Food mill separates seed and skin from the pulp no need for coring and peeling

Best Electric Food Mill for Applesauce

Weston electric food mill


This food mill is built as a motorized miller and it is very unique as it not only helps reduce time but labor and effort too. There is no need for hand cranking and a lot of effort and time is reduced especially when there is a large batch to be milled.

So, if you are one that makes quite a large quantity of apple sauce and you want the work to be done effortlessly and quickly without having to manually turn the crank then this electric food mill is what you need. this food mill removes the skin and seed of the apples while creating this smooth texture.

Textured sauces, jams, mashed potatoes, purees, baby food, all this can be achieved with this electric food mill. There is no need for you to peel, strain, or seed the apples when you are making the apple sauce.

This electric food mill comes included with three stainless steel discs that are of high performance. They are designed in such a way that they grip the food and hold the apple close to the blade which makes for efficient processing. 

The three discs are fine, medium, and coarse. berries and seedless jam are best milled with the fine disc, the medium disc work well for apple sauces and mashed potatoes, and finally the coarse disc for chunky salsa.

Some manual mills would require you to hook it unto bowls and the mill can slide around but the nonskid feet of this electric food mill securely fit on top of the bowl. You do not need to worry about any messy splashing when using the food mill as the interlocking chute or splash guard acts as a barrier to the milling action.


  • It has a unique motorized milling action and this reduces fatigue. There is no hand cracking needed
  • The food mill creates a smooth texture while also removing the seed and skin of the apple
  • The size o this electric food mill is very compact making for storage space


  • Saves time while also reducing labor


  • It takes time to disassemble and assemble

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 7.75* 17 * 10.5 inches
  • Item weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Included attachments: Three stainless steel disc

Johnny electric and manual food mill, apple sauce maker


A very good feature of this food mill is the option of a manual way and an electric motor. This optional motor makes for easy milling of the apples as it is exceptionally great when you have a lot of apples to mill.

You can switch back to the hand crank when there is no electricity or when you just feel like it, just easily remove either of them and attach the other when you want to use the food mill. The hassle of making apple sauces is taken out and simplified.

This hand crank food mill effortlessly makes amazing sauces, juices, purees, and jams while doing all this without your need for peeling or coring. It instantly separates the fruits or vegetable puree/ sauce from the unwanted seed, skin, and stems.

For easy use of this apple sauce maker, simply put the fruit or vegetable in the hooper then proceed to turn the handle. Allow the strainer do it’s with for you keeping in mind not to overfill the hooper with fruits and vegetables. It also has a new screen design which makes for easy installation and removal.

Detail and features

  • Stainless steel screens

The screens for this model 250 are all made of qualify stainless steel because of this they do not rust.

  • Has a food pusher and a large hooper

The large hooper comes in handy when there is a large batch of fruits to mill as it can contain a lot of apples. The food pusher is there to help push the fruits in for milling letting you prepare your finished product more easily and quickly.

  • Extended waste spout

There is an included waste spout that extends the screen of this apple sauce maker, allowing you to put a bowl underneath it and catch any waste. The strainer of this food mill will leave you having lower amounts of waste and this is essential in you preserving more of your fruits or vegetables

  • Has a very strong clamp

The clamp of this food strainer has one of the best strainers for any food mill

The Apple/ tomato screen for making apple sauces and tomato sauces and more are included on the package while the salsa screen,  pumpkin screen, Jam, and jelly screen plus the food mill motor are all sold separately

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 7.6*14.25*9 inches
  • Item weight: 4.3 pounds


  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Has both a manual and an electric option


  • The food mill motor is sold separately

VBENLEM electric commercial-grade food milling machine


This food strainer and sauce Baker is really durable. The materials are not only made of full stainless steel but the parts of the food mill that come in contact with food are all 304 stainless steel. It is also easy to clean and is equipped with a powerful motor that is surrounded by a pure copper stainless steel casing for protection.

A funnel with a nine-inch diameter is included for sufficient feeding of the fruits. An angle-adjustable trough for smooth discharging of sauce and a trough brace for the prevention of splashing. Very widely used for making ketchup, slices, and other jams.

Details and features

  • Horned typed filter

This is for effective discharge of the residue and also the ergonomic handle is, therefore, a convenient movement

  • Waterproof and noise reduction

It jas been proven that the waterproof level of this strainer and sauce maker is top-notch and this greatly facilitates the clearing of this machine. While going it, the noise is low and cooking can be enjoyed.

  • There is effective heat dissipation

It is also equipped with a large area of heat dissipation holes and they quickly help dissipate heat while improving the working life of this machine.

  • The maximum operating time without interruption is fifteen minutes. It should be allowed to cool down for five minutes before further use.

Some key specifications

Dimension: 20.9*15.4*11.8 inches

Item weight: 22 pounds

Included attachment: one electric strainer, One pestle, and one spare grease plug.


  • Super fast and easy to use
  • Quiet to use


  • The legs are not long or adjustable

Kenwood KP-102 electric food mill


In most cases, a well-equipped kitchen would probably have a food mill in sight as they provide far more control over food texture than a food processor, hand mice or blender would. 

Hand-cranked mills can sometimes be labor-consuming and thus the problem is solved by this electrified one. Simply push the button to produce smooth it chunky apple sauce, puree tomato sauce cream cauliflower soup, create fresh baby food, and mash potatoes, all this without creating a starchy mess.

Some plastic food mills can be flimsy but this one is quite sturdy. The plastic is a thick heat and impact-resistant plastic. The stainless steel compression plates are nondegradable thereby adding durability and strength

Details and features

  • Has a blade and three discs

The blades and three discs ( each of them has a different size screen) all retain their sharp edges indefinitely and get are made of stainless steel

  • A plastic spatula is included with the food mill

The bowl of this food milk measures seven and a half inches at the top four three quarter inches at the bottom

  • The blades, bowls, spatula, and disc are all dishwasher safe

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 14*8*6 inches
  • Item weight: Four pounds
  • Included attachment: Blades, three discs, spatula


  • Effective for making apple sauces
  • It is really durable


  • The price is really high for the product

Weston Food strainer and sauce maker


There is nothing quite like fresh apple sauce and it is so simple to make. The Weston sauce maker works with the turn of the crank and this easily separates the seed and the skin of the apple leaving you with pure, all-natural, preservative-free apple sauce.

Apples are only the beginning, the Weston sauce maker is versatile and helps save time when you are canning and preserving. Imagine the taste of homemade apple sauce. The hooper of this food mill has an extra-large capacity and a stainless feel multi-purpose screen giving you the option to male everything from apple sauces to mashed potatoes, salsa, jellies, jams, and much more.

Not only is the west on food mill reliable, but it is also very easy to use. It can attach to any countertop as it comes with a versatile dual mount system using either the included C clamp or the function cup base to prevent the food mill from sliding.

Details and features

  • This west on food mill separates seed and skin from the pulp no need for coring and peeling.
  • Stomper is included

It includes a stomper for applying pressure safely

  • Large capacity hooper

The extra-large capacity Hooper approximately one gallon of fruits its vegetables.

  • Great for canning and preserving

It quickly turns grape into juice and make baby food and much more without preservative.

To make the sauces and puree fruits, just simply turn the handle, the seeds and skin will separate from the sauce it purée.

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 7.9*12.9*14.9 inches
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Included attachments: Suction cup base, C clamp, stomper.


  • It is incredibly easy to use


Manual Food Mills for Applesauce

These manual food mills will also do great for your applesauce.

OXO good grips food mill


The perfect food mill for preparing sauces, purees, soups and so much more. The inner bowl is made of stainless steel, it does not stain and it is ideal for hot foods. the inner bowl also comes with three stainless steel grinding discs that are very suitable for fine, medium, and coarse textures.

To make homemade jellies, creamy sauces, and baby food, a fine disc should be used. For apple slices and vegetable soups, use the medium disc while for mashed potatoes and chunkier sauces, the course disc should be used.

The unique release button on the food mill makes it easy to disassemble and exchange the discs for storage. It also has a soft none slip handle and knob which ensures comfort when gripping the food mill and turning the blades. the parts are also all dishwasher safe.

Details and features

  • Features a simple spring-loaded lever which makes for easy disc exchange and disassembling.
  • The three non-slip legs hold the food mill over the bowl and pots securely up to eleven inches in diameter making sure it is kept from falling into your food. the legs are also foldable for easy storage.
  • With a capacity of 2.3 quartz, this food mill holds quite a bunch of fruits.

How to use

Pick the stainless steel of your choice either the fine, medium or coarse disc

Secure the mill while you work and fold it in for compact storage when you are done

Some key specifications

  • Dimension :14.75*7.25*10.25 inches
  • Item weight:2.29 pounds

Included attachments: their stainless steel disc.


  • Foldable legs that let you use the food mill over a bowl or pot securely
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • It can be heavy and not really stable when using

RSVP international food mill


This food mill is an example of a quality kitchen product. It can be used to make delicious apple sauces, tomato sauce, baby food, and even riced potatoes. It is made of stainless steel which is none reactive ad hygienic.

This food mill also has three interchangeable stainless steel discs which are fine, medium, and large disc for pureeing. the wooden handle I long, comfortable, strong and with the pot rest, they both hold the mill steady when using it.

This food mill can be used to make sauces, fruit jellies, baby food, berry fruit juices, vegetable purees, ruled potato, Apple sauces, etc. the uses are multiple.

Details and features

  • This food mill measures eight inches in diameter and by four inches high with a seven and a half inch handle.
  • Hand washing is recommended for this food mill to promote the life of the wooden handle but the stainless steel disc is dishwasher safe.
  • The pot rest holds the rotary food mill steady while the blade is cranking

Some key specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.75*7.75*4.25 inches
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Included attachment: Three interchangeable stainless steel disc.


  • This is a very economical product
  • It is much easier to clean and it is sturdy


  • The ears on the bowls are mounted to high so a deep bowl is needed

Cuisinart stainless food mill


This Cuisinart food mill which is a new one is equipped for a variety of foods with a fine, medium, and coarse cutting disc. Baby food, puree peas, carrots, and squash are ideal to be milled with the fine disc, homemade gnocchi milled with the medium disc while the coarse disc works for Apple sauce and chunky potato.

It is equipped with a soft grip turn knob and handles all designed for smooth turning and they are all dishwasher safe.

Details  and features

  • The handles and knob are made of silicone
  • This food mill features a 2.3 quartz capacity
  • It has an ergonomic design for smooth turning
  • This food mill is also dishwasher safe

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 4*8.38*16.5 inches
  • Item weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Included attachment: Three stainless steel disc


  • Works great in getting the skin and seed out of Apples


  • It makes a scraping sound when milling

Rosle food mill


This food mill is new from rosle with sturdy stainless steel construction and the way it is designed meets the design required for milling. To guarantee a stable positioning, the food mill rests on three points. Two discs are also included .this food mill is very well made and it is heavy-duty.

This food mill is with the price and it is a real tool. It is easy to clean, works really well. The material and finish are beautiful and functional.

Details and features

  • It is 9.4 inch in diameter
  • There is no welding seam but has a one-piece construction turning knob design
  • This food mill creates a fast and efficient way to mill as there is almost zero between the blade and sieve
  • Two discs are included, 0.04 in. and 0.1 in. Rosle also offers a lifetime warranty

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 7.7* 6.5*6 inches
  • Item weight: 4.39 pounds
  • Included attachments: Two-disc


  • Heavy duty and very well made
  • Mills fruits or vegetable quickly


  • The disc can be tricky to clean

Weston stainless steel food mill


This west on manual food mill is made of stainless steel and is so excellent do making apple sauces, sauces, purees, spaetzle, soups, jellies, jams, mashed potatoes, and baby food. This food mill will also mash and sieve soft foods as well.

It has an approximate capacity of two quartz which is equivalent to one liter. This food mill is super easy to clean and it is also dishwasher safe. Three stainless feel milling discs are also included and they can be used to process andy soft food.

This food Mill is very versatile from pureeing apples into apple sauces to milling berries into jams and jellies, smashing potatoes with ease and so much more. The three discs are fine, medium, and course disc.

Details and features

  • This food mill is Made with stainless steel and it does not stain
  • Has an approximate capacity of two quartz which is equivalent to one liter
  • It also has three stainless steel milling discs of sizes two millimeters, three millimeters, and eight millimeters for fine, medium, and coarse milling respectively. This there stainless steel milling disc also prevents pulp and skin from slipping  through
  • This food mill effectively mashed and sieves soft foods
  • Cleaning is not an issue as the Weston food mill is easy to clean and it is also dishwasher safe

Some key specifications

Dimension:8.75*16.75*6.75 inches

Item weight:1.8 pounds

Included attachments: Weston 61-0101-W Stainless Steel Food Mill, 2mm fine milling disc,3mm medium milling disc, and 8mm coarse milling disc


  • The hand cranks are really comfortable
  • It is really sturdy and of good quality


  • It has no legs to rest on

Some reasons to add a food mill to your kitchen

The food mill is sometimes overlooked but it can do quite a lot of things. For your apple sauce, it saves a lot of time and you do not need to peel or core your apples at all. Although this kitchen tool is mostly forgotten, it is a versatile and much-needed tool.  Here’s are some uses of food mills that make it worthwhile.

  • For making apple sauces

You can save yourself the time and effort in peeling and coring your apples. It also gives the apple sauce a smooth texture.

  • For making tomato sauces

Cook the tomatoes and put them in the food mill, this will give you a saice that is smooth, red and also free from skin and seeds

  • For Mashed potatoes

A good mill has been known to make fluffier mashed potatoes than a masher

  • For making spaetzle

You do not need any high fancy equipment to achieve this

  • For baby foods

Although a blender will blend the foods, it will not separate the skin and seeds of the foods leaving you with more time and effort to strain them. With the food mill, you do not have to dirty about any of that.

So much more can be done with the food mill.

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